The ATMATA concept 

ATMATA is a new overarching Yoga concept. The basis is Yoga, where at the same time energy work takes place by a so-called energy worker (also known as Healer). This energy worker will clean your energy system and balance it. It can include all Yoga forms, such as:


  • ATMATA Yin Yoga

  • ATMATA Yoga Nidra

  • ATMATA Vinyasa Yoga

  • Etc.


Through the additional Energy Work the benefits of the chosen Yoga form are multiplied, work deeper and last longer, as compared to a regular Yoga class. [The basis of this session is Yin Yoga.]


ATMATA comes from Sanskrit and means “being one with your true essence”. Something where Yoga and the extra Energy Work contribute to.

What is Energy work?


Besides a physical body we all have an energy body that most of us cannot see. Your energy body stores, amongst others, unexpressed emotions.


For physical and mental wellbeing, it's advisable to clean your energy body once in a while. This is exactly what the energy worker does during the Treatment.


The energy worker will walk around to perform the energy work. Your aura layers will be cleansed, your chakras will be balanced and your meridians rinsed.


The energy worker is constantly cleaning the whole space and fills it with fresh energy. Everything that is released by you is included herein. 


This energy work contributes to your personal development process. As you are coming more into balance during class and extra space is made in your energy system, there will be more opportunity for growth and balance in your daily life, whereby you can become completely ATMATA: “one with your true essence”