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I help you get happier and more productive (co)workers
Do you want to increase your Wellbeing and that of your co-workers?
Do you want to be:
Happier, more focussed, more productive and more efficient?
or perhaps change your mindset and get rid of any limiting beliefs?
I can help you and your co-workers achieve that by facilitating an online Meditation for them!
What are the benefits of meditating?
It helps relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia, as well as increases productivity, happiness and inner peace 
It's about training in awareness and getting a clear sense of perspective. If you and your (co) workers are new to meditating, no worries, I've got your back!
Looking for more inspiration to start Meditating? 
 This TedTalk I highly recommend
Over 1000 people joined me!
Will you and your co-workers be the next one?
Amongst others, these companies have meditated with me:

How does it Work?

Hi there :-)
Nice to e-meet you!
Next to working in the Corporate world for almost 15 years and being a Yoga Teacher, I also facilitate (online) Meditations
This started during COVID-19 and has been born from my wish to be able to contribute to the Wellbeing of my co-workers 
Now i'm super excited to contribute to your Happiness and that of your (co)workers as well!
Curious about the rest of my journey?
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