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A deep longing for expressing the real me has led me to the path of self-transformation and Yin Yoga.
Many choices I made in life were driven by the need to meet familial and societal expectations, such as driving a certain car, living in a high-end neighbourhood, falling in love with a particular kind of guy,  going to Law school and becoming an international lawyer.
For years this was how I rolled. Always focussed on the ‘next big thing’, constantly feeling restless, difficulty sleeping and not able to enjoy the moment.
I seemed to be pretty happy with it, until at some point, I got vague, physical complaints. A profound desire to get rid of them, made me explore and experiment with other healing methods. Many things came on my path, but Yin Yoga stuck.
Yin Yoga helped me make the shift from my head to my heart. Most of my energy was centered in my head, leading to an overactive and overthinking mind. I was always on and had trouble to unwind, find rest and connect to the real me.
Nowadays, I'm grateful to conclude that my energy is much more divided between my head and my heart. In my heart I’ve found the gateway to the real me, listening and acting upon what I truly want and get out of this life, using my mind as a tool to create this. 
My head and my heart established a friendship, which reflected itself in the world around me. I found true love, became a mother twice and got some great new jobs. Still in Law, but with more purpose
Last but not least, I finally found my passion: Yin Yoga. A passion from which I deeply hope to be able to share it with more and more people every day given the enormous benefits it had and still has for me.
From this - ATMATA- is born. Yin Yoga with elements of Yoga Nidra, energy work and a good dose of positivity:
to let you walk away with a smile that is so contagious that (y)our whole world lights up with it.
Can’t wait to meet you and share my passion with you.
With gratitude,
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  • 2021: Science of Well-being (Yale University)
  • 2017 to 2021: Energy Reading Education (Resonance Amsterdam)
  • 2020: Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training (Yoga & Ayurveda Center New Jersey (US))
  • 2020: Buddhism & Modern Psychology (Princeton University)
  • 2020: Shamanic training 
  • 2019: Happiness & Fulfilment course (Indian School of Business)
  • 2016: Intuitive development course I  (Resonance Amsterdam)
  • 2015: Intuitive development course II  (Resonance Amsterdam)
  • 2014: Mindfulness course
  • 2003 - 2008: International Tax Law LL.M
Book no.3
Ever since I was a little girl, I could quickly feel how people were doing on the inside. It made me quiet, drawn into myself, often overwhelmed by what was happening around me. As a result, I’ve been struggling finding my own path for years.
Growing up in my twenties, I started to work in restaurants, ending up managing them.
I used to make a game out of knowing upfront what my guests would order for drinks and food, being quite right most of the time! Although I loved what I did, there was always a feeling that life had something different in store for me.

When I was about 30 years old, I started to get interested in “spiritual stuff” and wanted to help people more. I did my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. But that wasn’t really for me. So my search went on.
During an Ayahuasca ceremony, led by my father being a Shaman, I could see and feel my own energy field for the first time. From that moment on, I started to learn more about energy (work) and the enormous insights and healing it can bring.

I did many courses on how to work with my intuition and energy in general. After that, I started a two year education to become an Energy Reader.

In that period, I noticed that my hands were doing their own thing during my Readings. So I decided to start a Energy Healing study at the same time. From day one it was clear that my Healings are from a different level. My teachers saw this too.
I found out that Healing is my second nature, that it’s super powerful and that I can do it effortlessly. A whole new world opened up for me, including a feeling of becoming home.
Healing is my big passion and I finally found a way to help people and contribute to changing the world. It’s really great to be able to add value to people’s personal development by clearing energy blockages in their system. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see how my clients feel after a 1 on 1 session with me, such as being lighter and more connected to their true self.

The fact that a percentage from the yields of our class go to charity makes me feel even more passionate about our Healing & Yin Yoga.  Indirectly we can help less fortunate people on the other side of the world so they can develop themselves too. This is also one of the reasons Henny and I started this journey together. 
My mission is making people feel good and making them aware of how energy works and what it can do for them. I hope that I'm able to share my energy work with you someday and that we will see each other on the mat soon.
Love, Aaike
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